New French Resources Projects

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 16:45

The company I work for, Schoolshape, is supporting a number of new projects relating to online resources for French teachers.

The first is a website contains activities and exercises for learning French, a site on which teachers and small educational publishers can create and share resources. Publishers can choose to share resources for free or to charge a monthly subscription. There are already a large number of free resources present for listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Google and Adobe strike back

Sat, 04/24/2010 - 08:18

Apple have clearly played their hand and thrown down the gauntlet to Adobe with the non-inclusion of Flash on the iPad and locking CS5 out of the iPhone. Adobe are clearly smarting, but do they have an ace up their sleeve?

Here at Rhythm, we use a lot of technology based on the flash player, so we've been following the recent maneovering by Google, Apple and Adobe very closely. What are their plans for the future?


We've recently been redesigning the home page of our software. It seems that, in general, people don't read anything that's on the screen, so we're redesigning all the buttons to have relevant icons. Google recently must have had a similar issue - the search side bar they added to the search results have recently sprouted little icons. "What side bar?", I hear you ask. Exactly my point - people don't have time to read anything.

Google plans to nuke China

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:36

 This is by far my favourite April fools:

Not without a touch of irony - truth is stranger than fiction.   I've heard rumours that Google may really be developing weapons to use against the Chinese on behalf of the US government.  Cyber warfare tools, not nuclear missiles though...


I've almost finished reading "Black Swans" by Nicolas Taleb, whose premise is that many events in real life follow unpredictable power law probability distributions rather than predictable Gaussian randomness.

For example, if you were an 18th century European, you may have seen hundreds of swans in your life.  All of these would have been white, leading you to believe that all swans are this colour.